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Production of labels requires the correction of rewound labels in order to control quality of the print. The label rewinder Langer has been designed to achieve this aim. Various control systems has as purpose to ensure that only best quality rolls will reach your customers.

Technical Data

Width of material
Unwind diameter      
Rewind diameter
Min. slitting width
Max. mechanical speed
ID core

Self-adhesive and foil label printing houses, PET, manufacturers of laminates, hygienic and pharmacy materials, clean and printed aluminum

Technical Data


Compact construction

Less space required 

Fully automatic tension control Constant tension independently on reel diameter
Braking-feeding engine

Supported unwind for stretchy foils.

The motor sends  part of the generated energy back to the slitter. As a result the consumption of the energy is reduced by 30%

 Splice table to joint material behind unwind

 Fast start of new job cycle

Ultrasonic web guiding system with oscillation function


Control and correction of uneven reels 

Optical control

Printed line control 

Slitting methods: tangent or wrap method (rotary knives, razor blades, crush slit)

Slitting system optimisation


Aluminium  or cork-rubber covered contact rollers

 Very good material guide including foil guide

1 or 2 air shafts or differential rewinding shafts

Individual tension control of slit reels 

2 x layon contact rollers for foil

Automatically controlled pressure depending on material parameters

Pneumatic contact rollers

The material is tensed after machine stopping 

Touch screen panel


Setup of current job parameters, diagnosis, memorization of job recipes, possibility of data transfer mode 

Inbuilt system of edges sucking

No need for peripheral devices 

Inspection camera as option

100% print control, comparison with PDF pattern 

Strobe lamp

 Automatic flash

Rotary die cutting station with label cut up to register

Possibility to manufacture clean labels and to cut off printed labels

Waste wind up station

Fast start of a new job

Missing label detection sensor (including transparent labels)

Missing label detection

Label and meter counter

Precise count of performed job

Splice/flag  detection sensor

Fault detection

End roll and torn material detection sensor


Smooth operation of the machine

Static elimination bar

Elimination of electrostatic charges

Trolley to load/unload parent roll Acceleration of finished rolls unload


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