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MASTER slitter ensures a total control of slitting process. Data concerning slitting of various materials are stored and automatically recalled in case of repeated jobs. The software of the slitter is designed so that it is possible to set easily various tensions on different sections of the slitter. In addition, the system identifies possible problems, advices about methods of solving problems, informs about maintained jobs and stores information concerning job of the slitter. Lower run of material allows placing additional modules such as a laser to cut between unwind and rewind. The customer focused on innovations can optimally use advantages of modular construction.

Technical data

Width of material
Unwind diameter      
Rewind diameter
Max. mechanical speed
up to 700m/min.
Weight of parent roll
Core ID
Processed materials
Printed / unprinted foils (PE,PP,PA,PS,PET and other), paper, metalised films, laminates, labelstock films, alu films, non-woven.
Packaging for food industry, flexo printing houses, health care materials and pharma materials.
Available equipment Advantages
Separate unwind station with down run of material
High speed 600m/min,easy access to different sections of a slitter
Shaftless unwind for 3” and 6” including a remote control
Fast loading process
Hydraulic lifting of parent roll
Fast loading process
Supported unwind via a motor
The motor gives a part of energy back to the slitter – reduction of energy consumption by 30%.
Supported unwind of stretchy films
Dancing roller
Exact measurement of tension on unwind
Ultrasonic web guiding system +-50mm including oscillation mode
Control and readjustment of uneven rolls
Optical sensor
Control of printed line
Adjustable and driven bowed shaft
Optimization of distribution of waved material
Pneumatic splicing table to join the material behind unwind station
Fast junction of parent roll
Adjustable pneumatic splicing table placed over unwind station
Easy junction of parent roll, possibility of print quality control
Slit methods: tangent or wrap slit (with rotary knives, razor blades, pneumatic knives, crash slit)
Optimization of slit according to converted material
Automatic knife positioning system
Reduction of slit width setting up time
Positioning of knives with laser bean
Acceleration of manual knife setting up process
Pivoting upper and lower knife shafts
Knife shafts always remain on the slitter
Idle rollers covered with cork rubber
Foil guiding, regulation for heavy rollers
2xrewinding friction shafts
Equalization of slit rolls tensions
2x rubber contact rollers/individual contact rollers
Contact rollers automatically adjusted according to material characteristics
Pneumatic griping bars
Keep material tensed on the slitter after the machine is stopped
Touch screen panel
Set up of current job parameters, diagnostic, saving of recipes, possibility to connect a modem or transfer data to indicated IP address
Inbuilt trim exhaust system
No need for peripheral trim exhaust systems
Automatic laser core positioning system
Acceleration of cores sets up process on rewinding shafts
Automatic core positioning system with pushing bar
Automation of placing cores on rewinding shafts
Automatic pushing bar
Fast unload of slit reels
Manual handling to unload slit reels
Fast unload of slit reels
Semi-automatic handling to unload slit reels
Fast unload of slit reels
Automatic handling to unload slit reels
Fast unload of slit reels



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