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Jurmet offers  customers a possibility to take part in a  training concerning:

  • Slitting technology
  • Operating and maintenance of slitting machines
The training of your operators in Jurmet’s factory is more efficient. Your slitter is prepared to work with your materials. An operator learns to work on the slitter in comfortable conditions. As a result, the learning is much faster and more efficient. Next after a slitter installation, an operator can immediately start to slit efficiently.
Please contact us to get more information about the training.
Your operator hasn’t work on slitting machines yet? Would you like to learn more about a slitting technology, tension regulation, type and knife setting? Jurmet has prepared for you  individual training. An introduction meeting with your operator will allow us to understand your requirements and to perform short and efficient training.
Training in Jurmet’s facility
This training is divided into three stages. The first stage is  performed during the  machine reception in Jurmet’s facility. The second one is performed during the machine installation and the third one about a month after the machine installation. The third meeting will allow us to check if everything runs smoothly and if the questions and problems which have appeared during the month from the installation of the machine have been properly solved.
Training in customer’s facility
If you are unable to choose a training with the machines you need we can also perform a training in your facility.
Slitting technology
Several programs are available depending on the level of your operators’ knowledge. Application of a right tension and slitting techniques is the most important skill which has to be gained in order to get the best slitting quality and efficiency.
Setting and operating of different subassemblies
- setting and calibration of different subassemblies is an introduction to a slitting process. A proper initial setting is a half of your success in a correctly running slitting process.
Application of correct tensions to different materials
- application of correct tension, memorization of setting parameters, no standard tension settings on each section of a slitter. Perfectly adjusted tension is a clue to get a perfect reel with an equal hardness,
Techniques of slitting,
- tangent slitting or wrap slitting method, slitting with razor blades, slitting with rotary knives, crash slitting, slitting with automatic knife positioning system, slitting with pneumatic knives. Adjustment of a slitting techniques according to converted materials. A combination of  different slitting methods if it is required slit wide range of materials. An application of a correct slitting method is the most important to receive a high quality of slitting and an appropriate quality of side surface of a slitting material.

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